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Wednesday, 24 July 2013



This spot has always proved popular with those who came on our Baptist Church Fossicking Group trips and during Minerama (the annual Glen Innes gem and mineral show). 

Although I had visited this part of the creek several times before 2003 and had even taken groups there, nearly everyone was not at all keen about venturing into the waterholes which characterise the place. In January 2003 the water level was about as low as it ever gets because of a dry summer and so, with our newly formed fossicking group, we decided to give it a go.
The original Glory Hole January 2003

A series of joints in the granite has produced some ideal traps for gemstones. The largest of these is blocked with large rocks at one end (all submerged) and full of sand at the other. The problem with the sand is that there isn’t any place to put it when you dig it out where it won’t wash back in again next time the creek floods. The best I could do was to throw it up into the shallow end and hope to reach the bottom at
The first good find January 2003
the deep end.

This worked out fine, as it turned out, because I was able to get in under the rocks and extract some rich gravel. We took no photos of the finds, unfortunately (predigital camera time for us). All the gem photos are of stones found in other cracks nearby on later visits.

There were cutters in every sieve – sapphire, zircon, garnet, black spinel and quartz – and it’s no wonder we called it the Glory Hole. 

The name is now used for all that section of the creek. This was the first bonanza we had found in Yarrow Creek and one of the biggest. The gems were embedded in white clay and I have no doubt that there are still good finds to be made in the original location. Just get rid of the sand!
January 2003

Working on a productive crack January 2013

All the other cracks located here have also produced quality gems and I’m convinced that there are both new cracks and extensions of the original ones yet to be explored.

Good wash January 2013

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A good pyrope garnet January 2013
Zircons and garnets March 2009
Sapphires March 2009

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