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Saturday, 12 April 2014


The Crossing is in the centre, the long pool is on the left
This section of Yarrow Creek lies between Garnet Corner and The Crossing (click to go to the Blog List page for information on these locations). In dry weather, it is possible to park in the centre of the area, otherwise walking upstream from the crossing is the best option.
It can be divided into three parts. The uppermost is the cascade area itself. Immediately below Garnet Corner, the stream descends steeply through a drop of about 10 metres to a blockup of large granite boulders. There are numerous small pools and cracks on the way down. Some good gemstones have been extracted here using yabby
The beginning of the pool
pumps. However, a lot of sand has washed down from the Garnet Corner diggings as fossickers have dug and sieved over the years. This may have been washed further downstream by floods since the beginning of 2012.
Boulder blockup and the pool
No doubt there will be good finds made amongst the boulders one day, but it will take a lot of work to shift all but the smallest of them.
The middle section is a long
pool, commencing immediately below the boulders. Within 2 or 3 metres of the rocks, the water will be over your head. Good for swimming (brr) and perhaps ideal for a wetsuit and snorkel equipped fossicker. The 13 carat sapphire in the picture came from the edge of the deeper water. There are some large boulders in the pool immediately after the deepest part and then sand takes over. Some nice cutters have been found among the boulders.
Finds including the 13 carat stone
The final section leads to the rock barrier which crosses the creek another 100 metres or so further downstream. Wash is scarce along here but some good stones have come from the pool just above the barrier and by digging under the left bank (facing downstream).
There is an extensive alluvial flat on this bank which probably conceals former channels of the creek. Naturally, no-one knows where they are and they are probably loaded with gems.
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