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Friday, 7 June 2013


A mineralised zone cuts through Permian volcanic rocks south of Dundee in the New England area of NSW Australia. The location is just east of the New England Highway approximately 19 km north of Glen Innes. The southern end of the zone is on private land while the northern end is on a Travelling Stock Route adjacent to the highway.

Intermittent mining has taken place here since the late nineteenth century. I visited the public access sites on Friday 7th June 2013 and was easily able to collect specimens of molybdenite in quartz. On earlier visits I have found specimens of wolframite, cassiterite and bismuth as well.

Two useful references you can download from DIGS (see the previous blog) are: The Molybdenum Industry in NSW (Mineral Resources 24, 1916, by EC Andrews) and Molybdenum in NSW (Mineral Resources 43, 1978, by CR Weber, IBL Paterson and DJ Townsend). Type in the word “molybdenite” in the “Subject Terms/Keywords” box. Both references appear on the first page of listings along with lots of other interesting references. A lot of good information can also be found by typing in “Glen Eden” in the “Locality” box.


The map is taken from Mineral Resources 24 and gives a good idea of the locations. The relevant pages are from 85-88. In Mineral Resources 43 see pages 49-51.
While by no means as interesting as the Kingsgate mines, this place is still worth visiting.

See also my You Tube video here which should help you find the spot.
Here is the link to my You Tube playlist on gem hunting, mining and geology

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