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Sunday, 22 September 2013


Rocky Bend is a location which few of those who have come out on the Baptist Church Wednesday fossicking trips would ever have heard of. In fact, the last time we went there was in April 2007. The main problem was the distance we needed to walk from our cars. At Minerama that year it had been possible to get there in 4 WD vehicles but the track was basically non-existent and in any case conditions were drier than normal that year and we always had other good locations elsewhere on Yarrow Creek.

Readers need to be reminded that this is all private property and to be prepared to restrict their visits to those organised by Captain Mendoza, now on Fridays since we have left the district. See the Australian Lapidary Forum site for details (here).

The site is about a 15 minute walk downstream from the Yarrow Creek bridge on the Mt Slow road. There is no gate. Keep to the left bank because the property boundary basically follows the creek. About 100 metres below the bridge the water is backed up by rocks at Rocky Bend so basically the creek is one continuous pool from there down. It’s my belief that the creek formerly flowed on the other side of a rocky ridge from near the bridge, but as that is on a different property this hypothesis is yet to be checked out.
Minerama 2007 find
A group effort at Minerama 2007
The main dig at Minerama 2007 was where the stream channel is choked with sand up against a large rock outcrop. Digging revealed lots of gravel, frequently embedded in white clay, and rich in black jack and gem stones. Keeping the sand out of the underwater hole is the main problem. There is a lot of good potential along this stretch of the creek.
Visit my YouTube site here for videos on gem hunting in the Glen Innes district. I also have playlists on Glen Innes, the Blue Mountains and New Zealand.

My finds from the Minerama 2007 day

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